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Born and raised in rural Kansas, Senator Jerry Moran understands the meaning of a hard day’s work and the importance of Kansas conservative values - God, country, family, and freedom. Jerry holds these values near and dear to his heart and continues to rely on them.

After attending Fort Hays State University and later the University of Kansas, where he completed a degree in economics, Jerry began as a small-town banker before earning his J.D. from the University of Kansas. While Jerry enjoyed serving his community as a small-town banker, he felt called to give back even more.

In 1989, Jerry ran for Kansas State Senate and won. He served in the State Senate for eight years, serving the last two years as Majority Leader, and fought to protect our conservative values - protecting the Constitution, standing for life, strengthening the economy, and providing more resources for our agriculture industry.

While Jerry was advancing conservative policies at the state legislature, he could not ignore the Democrats’ attacks on our values in Washington. With the backing of his community, Jerry was elected to serve the people of Kansas’ First Congressional District. While in the House of Representatives, Jerry worked hard to create a farm bill that put Kansas’ farmers and ranchers first - providing more resources and creating a level playing field. During his tenure in the House, he advanced legislation to cut taxes, eliminate government’s red tape, simplify the tax code, improve our nation’s infrastructure, support our military and veterans and push back against the Democrats’ extreme agenda.

In 2010, Kansans elected Jerry to serve in the United States Senate - following in the footsteps of his mentor and good friend, Senator Bob Dole. In office, Jerry has pushed back against the Democrats’ extreme agenda. He stood up against President Obama’s efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base detention center and transfer prisoners to Fort Leavenworth. He also fought back against President Obama’s reckless spending and abuse of government power, like the Waters of the United States (WOTUS). While Jerry effectively pushed back against President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats’ radical agenda, he knew more must be done to stop their march toward socialism.

In 2014, Jerry served as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). In this leadership position, Jerry orchestrated the Republicans’ efforts to take back the United States Senate and provide a check on President Obama. Thanks to his bold leadership, Republicans took back the Senate - gaining nine seats - the largest Senate gain in a midterm election cycle in over 50 years.

With President Trump in the Oval Office, Jerry continued his efforts to strengthen our economy and protect our special way of life. Together, they delivered the strongest economy our nation has ever seen by reforming our tax code and eliminating burdensome regulations. They also worked together to fix our immigration system, build the wall, support our military and veterans, strengthen our relationship with Israel, create the most pro-life administration in our nation’s history, and put America first. But, most importantly, Jerry worked with President Trump to help our farmers, ranchers, and producers. They provided more resources for our agriculture industry and took on Communist China - holding them accountable for unfair trade practices.

Now, Jerry continues to push back against Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the radical Left’s socialist policies. They want open borders, the Green New Deal, socialized medicine, and more taxes to pay for it all. Our country can’t afford Biden’s agenda.

As a born-and-bred Kansan, Jerry will always put Kansas first and protect our conservative values.

Jerry and his wife, Robba, live in Kansas and have two daughters and two grandchildren.

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