Topeka Capital-Journal: Senator Moran is worth supporting

Topeka Capital-Journal: Senator Moran is worth supporting

September 30, 2016

Via CJ Online

A recent Topeka Capital-Journal article caught my attention because it attempted to portray Sen. Jerry Moran as indecisive. My experience with Moran has been just the opposite.

I have worked with Moran on many issues during his time in public service and, contrary to the tenor of the article, I would portray him as thoughtful in his decision-making and steadfast in his dedication to represent the interests of Kansas.

In addition, Moran has made statesmanship a hallmark of his service. He travels Kansas to visit with constituents and will do his best to address their concerns. He is also passionate about working with those who will guide our future. For example, the electric cooperatives in Kansas annually send a group of high school students on a week-long tour of Washington, D.C. to learn about government and leadership. Moran invests considerable time to encourage and genuinely inspire this group of rural Kansas leaders.

I am sure there are many tough choices Moran makes each day on behalf of Kansas. My experience shows a senator who stands up for his state and has a record that deserves our praise.

BRUCE GRAHAM, CEO of Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., Topeka

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