Moran for Kansas Announces Constitution Coalition

Moran for Kansas Announces Constitution Coalition

April 7, 2016

HAYS, Kan. — U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) today announced his Constitution Coalition as the latest addition to his campaign’s growing number of coalitions, which include Veterans for Moran, Faith and Family, Sportsmen, and his Farm and Ranch Team.

Thousands of Kansans from around the state have already pledged their support by joining a Team Moran coalition, giving us a group of diverse, conservative supporters that spans a broad geographical network statewide.

Serving as chairs of the Moran Constitution Coalition are Deb Lucia of Wichita, Mike Powell of Leavenworth, State Rep. Brett Hildabrand, State Rep. Charles Macheers, and State Rep. Bill Sutton. These tested and trusted conservative champions have this to say about Senator Jerry Moran:

“Too many of those elected to DC drift away from their constituents and become part of an elite, self-absorbed group disconnected from the realities faced by the very people that sent them to Washington. Jerry Moran is a leader who listens to, participates with, and lives among the people who elected him. I can count on him to be accessible and provide direct and honest answers. Jerry takes responsibility for his actions and I trust him to make decisions that uphold the Constitution protecting Kansans from a burdening and intrusive federal government. It is critical that we have the leadership of Jerry Moran in the Senate for the next Congress, and I appreciate his strong efforts to oppose Merrick Garland.”
– Deb Lucia, Wichita, Grassroots activist and former Topeka 9/12 chairwoman

“Our founding fathers provided us with a unique Constitution that restrains the power of government and not the people. In our current political environment, it is refreshing to see Jerry Moran fight to preserve that foundational belief. From Second Amendment protections, states’ rights, the role of government and everything in between, Senator Moran has demonstrated a knowledge and respect for the Constitution in its entirety. I am proud to endorse Senator Jerry Moran for re-election and serve on his Constitution Committee”
– State Rep. Brett Hildabrand, Shawnee

“Kansas conservatives can trust Senator Jerry Moran to consistently fight against President Obama’s executive overreaches. His co-sponsorship of Senator Lee’s First Amendment Defense Act shows his leadership in the battle to defend religious liberties in our country.”
– State Rep. Charles Macheers, Shawnee

“The best thing about Jerry Moran is he has never forgotten what home means. Even when he has had to fight in the stratosphere of national politics for what is right for Americans and right for Kansans, he has always kept one foot firmly anchored at home in Kansas.”
– Mike Powell, Leavenworth, Chair, Leavenworth Republican Party

“In all the political fighting of what is or is not constitutional, many people have lost sight of the reason our Constitution was drafted in the first place. The American Experiment was a new and exciting idea, a government designed and enacted by the people who would be governed. In the past, the strong or the wealthy ruled the less strong and less wealthy, and rights were handed out at the whim of the ruling class. Our Constitution was designed to protect the rights specifically of the common person. The strong and wealthy, historically, have never needed this sort of protection. Jerry Moran has been an outspoken supporter of the Constitution. More importantly, he’s been a supporter of the idea that inspired our Constitution, the preservation of rights for common person. For this reason, I am a strong supporter of Jerry Moran, and am honored to serve on his Constitution Committee.”
– State Rep. Bill Sutton, Gardner

Senator Moran has consistently proven himself as a leader against President Obama’s Executive Overreaches and is a tested defender of conservative principles in the United States Senate. He was one of the first members of the Senate to join the Tea Party Caucus.

Jerry Moran has proven that regardless of political pressure, he is willing to stand up to even his own party to advance the cause of freedom and constitutional principles.

Kansans who are interested in joining this grassroots effort to continue work to preserve our nation for future generations can join at this link:

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